Rita Tania Aman - ritataniaaman73@gmail.com

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Rita Tania Aman - ritataniaaman73@gmail.com

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from: RITA TANIA AMAN <ritataniaaman73@gmail.com>
date: Jan 14, 2021, 4:41 AM
subject: My Dear Friend.
mailed-by: gmail.com

My Dear Friend.

Thanks for your mail and your concern. in my last mail to you i introduced myself and gave you a summary of the present predicament i have found myself.my failing health has necessitated my present over view of life and the meaning of life itself as it relates to day-to-day living.

It is for this same reason i have randomly searched through the internet email directory to find somebdy who has the predisposition to accomplish the task of passing on a privately kept fund to charitable organisations as he or she deems fit, since i cannot do this myself due to my failing health. it was this random search that yeilded your contact email address with which i sent you my first email note that this was just a probing move to establish contact, because i am sure you know as well as i do that most people would snatch at the offer considering the large amount involved and more also since the disbursement of this fund would be entirely in the hands of the claimant. for this reason i felt that after our initial communication i should be able to determine if we can proceed based on certain indices as well as intuitive

I hope my first mail did not emabarrass you? if it did, i apologise for this. the fund in questions is privately kept and i wanted to put it in capable hands for disbursement. other such funds that i left to my relatives to disburse to charity were all plundered and used for their personal purposes. for this reason i have decided that within the confines of my hospital room and the privacy of my computer (to which i have internet connection) to look for a suitable person to transfer ownership of the deposit to, and after claiming the money, disburse 60% of the € 7,983,500.00 , million Euros to various charitable organisations of your choice in various countries and then retain 40% of the money for your effort.

This is not a business proposal and i do not expect any returns or share of the money. I am dying and i have distributed most of my earthly possessions to various individuals, groups and organisations. this deposit of € 7,983,500.00 , million Euros is the bulk of what is left. it is unknown to my other relatives. if i do not find a suitable person to disburse the funds as i plan to, then on my death the bank holding the deposit would have to notify my next of kin to claim the deposit as stipulated on the deposit agreement. and from what i have seen of how they spent the other funds i designated for the same purpose, leaving the fund in their care would be a collosal waste.

All I need from you is honesty, assuring me that you can, in all sincerity and obedience, use the funds for the purpose. I cannot predict what my state of health will produce with the surgery ahead.

I sent your details to my lawyer, but I will also advise you to contact him immidiately and send this my refrence code so that he knows that I sent you: AMAN.R.T/ C-P5464 / STA / SADAF / BENF.

Name: Francisco Alonso

Email: E-mail: FranciscoAlonso@consultant.com

Other guidelines will come from him as he will guide you in everything to allow this fund to be released to you for this charitable foundation purpose.


WARNING: Do not contact the sender of the above email nor provide them with any of your personal information or personal documents because this email is a fraudulent criminal scam designed only to steal your money. All claims made within the above email are 100% lies fabricated by an internet scammer and this scammer will never provide you with any money, assets, merchandise, friendship, romance, or anything of value. Scammers operate using totally fake identities, thus their name (and any employment, occupation or location information that they provide) is always all completely fraudulent. And any file attachments that they send you of personal ID cards, documents (government, corporate, legal, or financial), or any photographs will all be forged or stolen and the files may contain viruses. Any links to websites that they send you should also be avoided as they may be malicious and contain malware. In conclusion, do not send any money to this scammer or you will lose it permanently. If you communicate with this scammer then you also risk having your identity stolen (and used for illegal activities) plus you may fall deeper into financial, legal, and physical danger. See here to learn how we know that the above email is definitely a scam. Contact us here if you had any interactions with a scammer and need support.

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