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Soumaila Sorgho -

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from: Mr Soumaila Sorgho <>
date: Nov 15, 2023, 11:37 AM
subject: Go through the details and get back to me

Dear Friend,

I was immensely happy when i read your mail. I really plead for your understanding of the whole process after going through this message, as to avoid mistake or complications regarding the proceedings and concluding of this transaction, and if you follow my instructions, we shall conclude this transaction before the expiry of 14 working days from the effect of your application date for the release of the claim.

I agree in good faith to move straight into business with you hence you will be my life partner in this transaction immediately the money has been successfully transferred into your bank account there in your country we are going to use it to help the poor people and also invest it in your country under your kind control as a business venture when i come over with my family, I know certainly that you do not have any true relationship with the deceased, but i am here to portray you that with all back up with you accord my instructions.

This transaction is very legal, and has no course for alarm, once you abide to my guidance and be sincere to me as your insider in this transaction, Please as we commence this transaction, any email hence forth in connection of any kind of fund from anywhere any bank any name any country and amount, please for security and achievement of the transaction, don’t reply such mails, but rather forward such mails back to me for total guidance as the mails could be from the investigation panel of our bank, who may decide to ascertain your true position in the claim before finally releasing the funds to you.

This is all about a deceased funds in magnitude of $15.5 Million Dollars Only which belongs to our deceased customer who died in a fatal plane crash leaving no one to further claim the funds .I am Mr. Soumaila Sorgho the senior Auditor In charge of Foreign Remittance Unit of Bank Of Africa Burkina Faso.

Please understand that you and myself are to work as one team to inherit this fund, hence I am your insider in the bank as the transaction commence. I advise you to feel free with me for all is going to be well with us, I have never contacted any other person in this transaction except you. The deceased account holder with our bank was DR. GEORGE W. BRUMLEY from UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

He held account number NO. BOA/00142566BOA-56231, with our bank. He died on 21st July 2003 with his family. Since his death, this account has been dormant and nobody has applied to our bank for the release of this money to him or her as the next of kin. I want you to arrange for a good receiving bank account into which our bank shall transfer this money in your favor as next of kin and you have nothing to fear since I am here, I shall be giving you all the developmental information´s from the bank as soon as the transaction commence.

There is no doubt about your eligibility as the legal next of kin to our deceased customer and owner of the account number NO. BOA/00142566BOA-56231, with the following reasons:

(1.)Before the death of our deceased customer, his true next of kin was not indicated to the board of directors of the bank because of the top secrecy and confidentiality of the business which our late customer transacted with the various governments in West Africa.

(2.)Owning to his failure to indicate his next of kin to the officials of the bank, it is therefore impossible for the board of directors of the bank to verify the next of kin .

(3.)The deceased late DR. GEORGE W. BRUMLEY from UNITED STATE OF AMERICA did not have any relationships with our bank, he was only a customer to our bank. So there is no trace either now or in future.

(4.) And for the above reasons, the managements of the bank authorized me officially as the auditor manager of the bank to verify the next of kin to our deceased customer. Therefore, the bank will always abide by my official directions through the official authorization bestowed on me.

I want to bring to your notice that, I am not doing this business because of the huge sum involve but because it is 100% safe and risk free for both parties, so I am assuring you triple fold that this business is not kids play at all. The fund for transfer is of non Drug, terrorist or criminal related.
{INHERITANCE} is not a crime all over the World, a day old baby can inherit as you know even a deaf & dump and the blind can as well Inherit, They can not talk nor even read but Documents and only documents will talk and say for them, The difference in countries of origin,names,religion does not matter.

And for this reasons you have nothing to fear as your interest and identity will be legally protected, Remember that 40% of this fund has being declared to you for the account you will provide and your kind financial assistance towards this inheritance funds to be transferred directly into your nominated bank account there in your country, While the remaining 60% will be for me, which i shall invest in your country as a business venture under your kind control when I come to your country for an investment with my family. So in this view it is necessary you give me every communication you receive from the bank management (BOA) for proper guidance and directives to avoid any mistake Okay.

I want you to tell me more about yourself also, I have some questions for you.

(1)Your full name?
(2) Are you married ?
(3) Age .
(5) Your COUNTRY.
(6)Your Personal Phone Number. (7)
(7)Are you ready to assist me honestly and financially in this transaction?
(8) What is your occupation ?
(9) I need you to tell me if you are capable of receiving this amount or not when transferred in to your account ?

Feel free to ask me any question you need to know concerning this transaction
Below is my complete information:
(1) NAME: Mr. Soumaila Sorgho
(2) AGE: 47
(3) PLACE OF BIRTH: Ouagadougou .
(4) HEIGHT: 1.75
(5) WEIGHT: 84 kg , Not Permanent.
(6) SEX: Male.
(7) QUALIFICATION: M.B.A in Economics And P. H. D in Banking and Finance Awarded
(8) OCCUPATION: Banker.
(9) WORKING EXPERIENCE :( T.I.C) Insurance Banjul Gambia & Presently In (Boa) Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso.
(10) MARITAL STATUS: Married With 3 Children.

On receipt of the above information and a strong assurance from you I will send you a draft withdrawal application form which you will fill and send to my bank for final transfer instructions, This project will be completed within 7 to 14 banking days if you can speedy up action.

Please, Feel free to ask me anything you don’t understand in this transaction before we proceed accordingly and also bear in mind that this fund will transfer directly into your nominated bank account there in your country without any problem or trace after the fund has been transfer to you as the real next of kin to our late deceased customer DR. GEORGE W. BRUMLEY from UNITED STATE OF AMERICA i will come to your country with my family for investment project.

Best Regards.
Mr. Soumaila Sorgho
+226 06587972
FRAUD WARNING: The above information is being provided as a fraud warning. Do not contact the sender of the above email. The source of this information is from a scammer who is a criminal imposter. Any names of real people being used within the above information from this imposter is unauthorized and illegal. Do not provide this scammer any of your personal information. Do not send them any of your personal identity documents. Do not send them any money. Do not call any phone numbers that they provide to you. This email, and all of its content, are part of a fraudulent, criminal act and the only intention of the scammer who sent this email is to steal money and to obtain personal information leading to identity theft of the scam victim. If you received the same email (or one very similar) then stop all communication with the scammer immediately. All claims made within the email are lies fabricated by a fraudster and this criminal will never provide you any money, assets, investments, property, commodities, merchandise, employment, romance, or anything of value. Every email scammer uses a completely false identity, thus their names used in the email (and any company name, employment, occupation, street address and/or location information that they provide) is 100% fake. Any photos, scans of passports or other personal identity documents and/or any other documents (government, corporate, legal, financial, etc) or forms that they send to you are all stolen, fake and/or forged and the file attachments they send with their scam emails may also contain viruses. Also avoid all website links that any scammer sends to you because their websites are all fraudulent and may also contain hidden Malware, Trojans, Spyware and/or key loggers. In conclusion, do not send any money to this scammer or you will lose it permanently. Contact with this scammer also places you at risk of identity theft and having your identity wrongfully used for illegal activities, which can place you in legal, financial, and physical danger. Click here to read what qualifies the above email as a scam. Scroll up and click the link at the top of this page for more information about this particular type of scam. Contact us here if you had interactions with a scammer and need support.

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