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Foday Kamara -

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date: Jan 11, 2021, 10:07 PM
subject: GOLD OFFER

Hello sir

Our coop normally insists on buyers for gold to visit, and purchase from us here in our country, and this has posed great challenges to
selling our gold before now .

But i have a scheme and project i had always wanted to embark on, and i think this is the best chance and opportunity to discuss and explore
this with you, as a possible partner ;

I am part of the coop, and have great infleunce and confidence from my people . I have access and can procure gold from my people . If i can
have a partner outside, who can be able to market and resell gold to end buyers and consumers at higher prices, then we can undertake and
enter into partnership, where by i procure the gold at the very best possible bush rates and prices here, then we organise and put up the
funds to process the exportation of the gold .

When the gold arrives to the destination, you, as my partner will resell the gold at higher prices to the buyers and consumers, we shall
pay the original cost price to my coop, then after deducting our investments and costs for the export, we shall split and share the
profits between us .

I suggest we do this on equal partnership, investing equal amounts, and sharing the profits equally too, that is 5O % each way .

This is just a rough summary of the dream project, but we can fine tune it and define all details to minute understandings, then we can
make a MOU based on what and how we agreed to work, sign and have the document notarized by a public notary .

Let me know what you think, and we can deliberate further on this, when we meet online on WhatsApp.
Foday Kamara.
Tel: +224 660677399
WARNING: Do not contact the sender of the above email nor provide them with any of your personal information or personal documents because this email is a fraudulent criminal scam designed only to steal your money. All claims made within the above email are 100% lies fabricated by an internet scammer and this scammer will never provide you with any money, assets, merchandise, friendship, romance, or anything of value. Scammers operate using totally fake identities, thus their name (and any employment, occupation or location information that they provide) is always all completely fraudulent. And any file attachments that they send you of personal ID cards, documents (government, corporate, legal, or financial), or any photographs will all be forged or stolen and the files may contain viruses. Any links to websites that they send you should also be avoided as they may be malicious and contain malware. In conclusion, do not send any money to this scammer or you will lose it permanently. If you communicate with this scammer then you also risk having your identity stolen (and used for illegal activities) plus you may fall deeper into financial, legal, and physical danger. See here to learn how we know that the above email is definitely a scam. Contact us here if you had any interactions with a scammer and need support.

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