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PayPal -

Post by Matrixy »

date: Dec 13, 2020, 4:02 PM

Dear PayPal User,

You have a pending fund from your buyer Anna Cook

We would like to inform you again that the payment sent from Anna Cook won't reflect in your PayPal account due to our terms and policy to confirm the pictures of the Apple store gift card from you so that we would be able to credit your PayPal Account because your money was placed on pending by us for security reasons.

Status of your pending funds : 95%

Details of Transaction
Transaction ID: U-7P2311735L923384S
Transaction Amount
Case #: PP-091-962-222

Picture and receipt of the Apple store gift card:
Tracking Number:
------------------------------ -----
Buyer's Shipping Address:
------------------------------ -----
----------------------------- ------
What to Do Next
------------------------------ -----
You are to send the pictures of the Apple store gift card to us for verification, so as to secure Buyers purchase as well as you. Fund has been deducted from ( and shall be credited into your PayPal account immediately after we verify the pictures of the Apple store gift card with the full receipt by our management as Let go/PayPal terms to verify The Apple store gift card and the shipment from you due to Buyer's non-delivery reports. Below are requested shipping details and you are require to send the item through USPS post International Parcel service

Mailing Address;
Barry Cook
731,Terry white road
USA.Status: Confirmed

NOTE:As this transaction was done via our e-mail payments service, any inquiries and necessary information should be sent to us by replying to this message, because of the status of this transaction has not been passed on to our customer care phone service section so all inquiries should be directed to this e-mail address as it is the one monitoring all online transactions.
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------

We are truly sorry for this inconvenience but PayPal does this in order to protect both buyer and seller.
NOTE: PayPal would be responsible for any loss, as long as we've gotten the pictures of the scratch card number from you.
Thank you so much for your usual cooperation,
PayPal Team.

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WARNING: Do not contact the sender of the above email nor provide them with any of your personal information or personal documents because this email is a fraudulent criminal scam designed only to steal your money. All claims made within the above email are 100% lies fabricated by an internet scammer and this scammer will never provide you with any money, assets, merchandise, friendship, romance, or anything of value. Scammers operate using totally fake identities, thus their name (and any employment, occupation or location information that they provide) is always all completely fraudulent. And any file attachments that they send you of personal ID cards, documents (government, corporate, legal, or financial), or any photographs will all be forged or stolen and the files may contain viruses. Any links to websites that they send you should also be avoided as they may be malicious and contain malware. In conclusion, do not send any money to this scammer or you will lose it permanently. If you communicate with this scammer then you also risk having your identity stolen (and used for illegal activities) plus you may fall deeper into financial, legal, and physical danger. See here to learn how we know that the above email is definitely a scam. Contact us here if you had any interactions with a scammer and need support.

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