Mathew Lucas Lawyer - Social Assistance And Foreign Operator -

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Mathew Lucas Lawyer - Social Assistance And Foreign Operator -

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from: Mathew Lucas, lawyer <>
date: Nov 13, 2023, 3:55 AM
subject: Pickup recipient name listed Below

Dear Recipient,
Sir, I need a response to my previous mail to enable me to deliver
your First ATM Payment schedule to meet your bills and help you
eliminate debt entirely. is waiting for your data to be sent and you
can now buy a house or land with the new ATM once you receive it,
Verify details and nearest airport, Pickup recipient name listed Below

1 Verify Pickup recipient Name and mailing address
2 Mobile Telephone....
3 Age& nearest airport
4 occupations of receivers
5 Whatsapp numbers if any.....

The bank informs you that it will be delivered within 72 hours as you
validate to avoid sending packages to the wrong address, I can no
longer contact you by phone because you have not provided telephone
communication, but if I have your whatsapp chat, I can send the
package development quote for your reference. Cause it does no good
for any man to make his followers sad with late payment or to have a
suspicious attitude of treating him for not fulfilling the contract
invoice to retain a package that is already labeled. I'm not a bad
person to confiscate funds from citizens, but I'm hoping to deliver as
soon as you return with details attached.

Congratulations and keep me updated

Mathew Lucas, lawyer
Deputy Manager of Social Assistance and Foreign Operator
FRAUD WARNING: The above information is being provided as a fraud warning. Do not contact the sender of the above email. The source of this information is from a scammer who is a criminal imposter. Any names of real people being used within the above information from this imposter is unauthorized and illegal. Do not provide this scammer any of your personal information. Do not send them any of your personal identity documents. Do not send them any money. Do not call any phone numbers that they provide to you. This email, and all of its content, are part of a fraudulent, criminal act and the only intention of the scammer who sent this email is to steal money and to obtain personal information leading to identity theft of the scam victim. If you received the same email (or one very similar) then stop all communication with the scammer immediately. All claims made within the email are lies fabricated by a fraudster and this criminal will never provide you any money, assets, investments, property, commodities, merchandise, employment, romance, or anything of value. Every email scammer uses a completely false identity, thus their names used in the email (and any company name, employment, occupation, street address and/or location information that they provide) is 100% fake. Any photos, scans of passports or other personal identity documents and/or any other documents (government, corporate, legal, financial, etc) or forms that they send to you are all stolen, fake and/or forged and the file attachments they send with their scam emails may also contain viruses. Also avoid all website links that any scammer sends to you because their websites are all fraudulent and may also contain hidden Malware, Trojans, Spyware and/or key loggers. In conclusion, do not send any money to this scammer or you will lose it permanently. Contact with this scammer also places you at risk of identity theft and having your identity wrongfully used for illegal activities, which can place you in legal, financial, and physical danger. Click here to read what qualifies the above email as a scam. Scroll up and click the link at the top of this page for more information about this particular type of scam. Contact us here if you had interactions with a scammer and need support.

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