Sanou Rose Kone - United Bank Of Africa -

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Sanou Rose Kone - United Bank Of Africa -

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from: Rose Sanou <>
date: Aug 30, 2020, 7:06 AM
subject: Proposal


I have received your contact details through one of my associates as a
good match for future business that will make both of us very happy!
Allow me to introduce myself properly, my name is Ms. Sanou Rose Kone,
I am currently the regional manager of United Bank of Africa Burkina
Faso. I understand that this message must seem quite strange but I
assure you, if my sources are correct, together we will be able to
ensure the success of my proposal.

As the Regional Bank Manager, it is part of my job to send financial
reports to my head office Burkina, over the course of 2018 – 2019 I
was looking at the years fiscal report’s and I discovered that the
branch that I am managing has funds that are not accounted for
according to my head office. I have taken certain steps to make sure
that these funds will also go undetected on all accounts. I have set
this up so it will be risk free and like I said, if my sources are
correct about you, everything will go perfectly.

Currently the funds are in “escrow” without a beneficiary, basically
put, the account is waiting for me to add a beneficiary to the account
to allow the funds to be transferred as soon as our “work” is

As I am sure you are aware, I cannot be seen to be connected directly
to these funds, that would cause too many issues and risks for myself,
hence why I am contacting you. As long as I have a third party (you)
that I would be able to add as a beneficiary, we have open and clear
communication together, both of us will be able to walk away more than
happy and both with a new friend for life, I am sure!

I am in contact with several other potential prospects that my sources
have informed me would also be a successful match, so a quick response
would be in your best interest if you would like to proceed and
receive further details.

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
== == == == == == == ==

If you are interested to hear more details, please fill in the
information below:

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number


I will use these details as an initial confirmation, if several of my
prospects shall send me a response, I will slowly narrow down the
process to find the best option possible to complete the transactions.

I appreciate your timely response and I look forward to being in
further contact with you along our venture.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,

Ms. Sanou Rose
WARNING: Do not contact the sender of the above email nor provide them with any of your personal information or personal documents because this email is a fraudulent criminal scam designed only to steal your money. All claims made within the above email are 100% lies fabricated by an internet scammer and this scammer will never provide you with any money, assets, merchandise, friendship, romance, or anything of value. Scammers operate using totally fake identities, thus their name (and any employment, occupation or location information that they provide) is always all completely fraudulent. And any file attachments that they send you of personal ID cards, documents (government, corporate, legal, or financial), or any photographs will all be forged or stolen and the files may contain viruses. Any links to websites that they send you should also be avoided as they may be malicious and contain malware. In conclusion, do not send any money to this scammer or you will lose it permanently. If you communicate with this scammer then you also risk having your identity stolen (and used for illegal activities) plus you may fall deeper into financial, legal, and physical danger. See here to learn how we know that the above email is definitely a scam. Contact us here if you had any interactions with a scammer and need support.

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