Welcome - This Is What We Do Here...

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Welcome - This Is What We Do Here...

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Welcome to our community. We are a group of online volunteers working closely together to fight cyber-crime. We created this website as an informational archive which contains a growing number of scam email letters that are collected and added to this website on a daily basis. Our intent is to provide free information about these scams to everyone. We also aim to increase public awareness of internet fraud, to warn people about the risks and dangers of online scams, and to prevent people from falling victim to cyber-crimes in the future. Our biggest goal is to significantly reduce the tragic number of scams that take place on the internet every day.

There are a myriad of fraudulent scam emails that circulate throughout the internet every day. These letters were once simply known as "Nigerian Prince Scams", as it is believed that these scam letters originated in Nigeria. But they have developed and evolved and sadly they continue to grow more elaborate and sophisticated as time goes on. There are so many different types of email scams now that we created over 20 different categories just to keep them all organized on the site. Internet scamming has also become a global problem, which has now spread throughout the world.

All copies of the scam emails that are being added to this site on a daily basis are being done so purely by volunteers and as a free public service. It is a work intensive undertaking and all the scam mails have been organized within the site's different categories based upon the nature of each scam’s modality. However, email scam letters nowadays often employ two to three different scam approaches within each scam email. This makes it more challenging for us to ensure that all scam emails posted on this site end up in the correct category, but we do our best. As a result, you may find that some of the scam emails on the site belong in one category, but also touch upon one or more of the site's other categories as well.

Please note that nearly all of the scam emails appearing on this website involve a type of fraudulent criminal practice known as “Advance Fee-Fraud”, a.k.a. “419 Scams”. If you are not yet familiar with these two terms then the article on the following Wikipedia link can help you to understand more about how most of these types of scams operate: Wikipedia Link. The first forum post within each category on the site also contains information about how the scam mails appearing within that category typically operate.

If you have been scammed by any of the emails found posted on this website, or by a similar email scam letter that you received, then you can contact us here and we will help offer you assistance.

If you have received a suspicious email then you can simply use the search box (in the upper right hand corner of the website) to see if perhaps it is a scam email that has already been archived on this site. More about what to do if you receive a suspicious email here.

Lastly, if you would like to join our community of volunteers who post scam emails on this website, then you are welcome to register for a free membership account and start posting scam emails anytime. But in this case please read this other post here first: Registering For A Free User Account On This Website.

Should you wish to contact us for any other general reason then you may send an email to us by clicking on the Contact us link located at the bottom of this website and one of our admins will endeavor to reply to your query as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your interest in our community and we truly hope you will find the information on this website not only useful, but informative about the financial risks and dangers involved with responding to unsolicited emails.

And should you ever receive any suspicious emails from any unknown senders (which resemble any of the scam emails appearing on this site) then we recommend (for your own safety) that you please don’t ever reply to any of them.

Best wishes...

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